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home : life : food & recipes May 24, 2016

Find fun, fresh ways to use your cherished china
(BPT) - Sometimes collecting all the pieces to your cherished wedding china may take more time than you think. It took Jill Rogers four decades."After 44 years of marriage, I got the soup bowls I wanted; Mama would be so proud to know I finally have exactly what she wanted for me," says Rogers. "My... More >>

A grape way to boost health [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... More >>

Ice Cream Shop Evolution Not Frozen in Time [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... More >>

Fuel your day with 5 energizing superfoods
(BPT) - With groggy eyes and slow movements, you peel yourself out of bed each day. Between the morning and afternoon slumps, you long for the energy of your youth. Does this sound familiar? Then you'll be glad to know about five superfoods that can help energize you from the inside out, so you can... More >>

Turn up the heat: 5 tips for grilling greatness
(BPT) - Can you smell it in the air? Yes, barbecue season is here and that means millions of people are busy cleaning their grills, stocking their freezers, power washing their decks and landscaping their yards - all to make the most of their backyard grilling experience.Does this sound like you? Y... More >>

10 simple, week-by-week steps for a healthier summer
(BPT) - Summer’s arrival means more time outdoors and partaking in warm weather fun with family and friends. If your New Year’s resolution to be healthier has fallen by the wayside, summer can be a great time to reinvigorate your efforts.Here are 10 simple things you and your family can... More >>

Tips for a creatively crafted cheeseburger bar [Infographic]
(BPT) - Savor the summer with a creatively crafted cheeseburger bar. From grains, meats, cheeses, produce and flavorful toppings, your summer get-togethers have never been more delicious.... More >>

Last minute DIY tips for backyard hosting
(BPT) - Summer means outdoor entertaining. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, a family reunion or a birthday party, you’ll want to make the backyard get together memorable. Here are some quick DIY ideas to help you get ready for a fun, stress-free gathering.Lawn prepA healthy g... More >>

5 ways to live easy this summer
(BPT) - Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, as the song goes. From long, lazy days at the beach or pool, to relaxed backyard barbecues with family and friends, lighthearted living is the essence of summer.Keep that summer spirit alive, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with these ideas:* Plan a... More >>

4 ways to make a healthier you right now
(BPT) - Stay healthy this season with these tips.You hear that? It's a collective sigh of relief that warmer weather is finally here. No more heavy coats, biting winds and mounds of snow. Yes, you're thankful to leave all that behind, along with the holidays. Because while it was great to see all y... More >>

3 ways to celebrate the healing power of comedy in Jamestown, NY
(BPT) - You begin Monday in your usual morning mood - grumpy. The day quickly turns around, however, after hearing a few funny stories from coworkers. Suddenly you find yourself laughing and enjoying the morning. Your outlook is positive and your spirits have been lifted, and all it took was one hi... More >>

6 game changing grilling tips to transform you into the ultimate grill master [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... More >>

5 sensational recipes for impressive outdoor entertaining
(BPT) - When the weather warms, it's hard to resist the desire to be outside all the time. Fortunately, your patio space serves as the ideal backdrop for outdoor entertaining. Summer memories flourish when world-class meals are served in the airy outdoor comfort of home.It's easy to impress guest... More >>

4 ways to have the spiciest Cinco de Mayo yet
(BPT) - Hola! Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate and this year should be no exception. Below are our four fool-proof ways to ensure you have the SPICIEST Cinco de Mayo yet:1. First things first: Food.Spice up your Cinco de Mayo party with NEW TOSTITOS CANTINA Chipotle Thins, TOSTITOS Dip-eti... More >>

3 facts you don't know about fruit and fruit juice
(BPT) - Feeding your family nutritious food and drinks can be tricky, especially when there are so many mixed messages about food out there. Diane Welland, nutritionist and registered dietitian, shares three reasons why 100 percent juice is a great way to help your family get those important fruits... More >>

Why your favorite foods may soon be changing
(BPT) - The Federal Government's push for reduced sodium in American foods will likely affect your favorite foods within the next few months. Food manufacturers will be pushed to change their recipes, which will change the taste and texture of many foods made in the U.S.Government officials have i... More >>

We need the bees [Infographic]
(BPT) - The decline of bees is a serious issue impacting the future of our food system. Dedicated to this issue and a sustainable future, Honey Nut Cheerios, a General Mills brand, is making a commitment to bees as a natural extension of its efforts to continuously improve. The brand’s commit... More >>

10 heart-healthy foods that you'll actually want to eat
(BPT) - What does oatmeal, beans and skinless chicken have in common? They are all heart healthy foods, yet don't do a whole lot to tantalize the taste buds. Fortunately, eating for heart health doesn't mean a life sentence of bland foods or boring flavors.By thinking beyond the oatmeal box, you ca... More >>

Outsmart your next snack attack: 5 ways to curb cravings
(BPT) - As a nation, let's face it: we're snack happy. Whether your favorite go-to food is crunchy, sweet or salty, most of us rely on snacks to get us through the day. A recent report from Mintel, found that 94 percent of Americans snack at least once per day, with the average person consuming nea... More >>

Unscrambling the dietary guidelines
(BPT) - While 2016 is the Year of the Monkey on the Chinese calendar, in the world of food and nutrition, it’s the Year of the Egg.The recently released 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans provides key recommendations for healthy eating patterns for the consumption of a variety of prot... More >>

3 tips for unbelievably delicious grilled cheese
(BPT) - As a kid, it didn’t get much better than grilled cheese: the buttery toast, the molten cheese and the savory satisfaction from that first bite to the last. Fast-forward to adulthood. Somehow throwing together two pieces of white bread with a slice of processed cheese simply doesn&rsqu... More >>

5 exceptional egg recipes that go beyond breakfast
(BPT) - The sizzle of scrambled eggs and the crackle of cooking bacon may be your favorite sounds on a Sunday morning, but did you know eggs are one of the most versatile foods? "Full of protein and essential vitamins, they're no longer just a breakfast food," says Brooke Williamson, celebrity chef... More >>

4 wine buying tips for weddings
(BPT) - Traditional wedding rules have fallen by the wayside — food trucks are in, having a hashtag is a must, bridesmaids no longer wear the same dress and groomsmen are sometimes in sneakers. Couples are actively seeking ways to differentiate themselves and get creative. All that aside, the... More >>

Start your day with fun: 4 fresh takes on breakfast
(BPT) - A great way to start your day is to add breakfast to your morning routine. But as we all know, routines can get dull fast, especially after you’ve been eating the same breakfast for a few months. If you find your family is in a breakfast rut, it may be time to switch things up and add... More >>

6 summer sides you never knew you could grill
(BPT) - What image does the word “grilling” bring to mind? Do you envision thick, juicy burgers or steaks? What about sauce-slathered chicken breasts sizzling over coals? Cooking out is one of the great joys of warm weather, but if you leave side dishes out of your grilling plans &mdash... More >>

Healthy eating made easy with cans [Infographic]
(BPT) - - Healthy eating does not need to take a lot of time or effort. With a little creativity and a few canned food ingredients as a base, you can pull together delicious and nutritious meals in minutes.When planning meals, a good guide to make sure you are eating a balanced diet is the USDA's M... More >>

Don't miss these must-have snacks that define each season of the year
(BPT) - Snacks, produce, drinks or sweets – if it is a seasonal offering, Americans are anxiously awaiting it. According to Nielsen, Americans spend about $374 billion annually on snack foods. For many of those snack lovers, items that are only available for a limited time are one of the... More >>

The next generation of an American classic
(BPT) - It’s not always easy for parents to remember what it was like to be a kid. It’s hard to understand why a bug can be so fascinating, or how toy trucks or dolls can entertain one for hours. But if there’s one thing that can take you back to your childhood, it’s food.Fo... More >>

Beat planning pressure: 5 tips for an intimate wedding
(BPT) - The terms wedding and money go hand in hand. The average wedding cost is now up to $31,213 according to theknot.com, and that’s not even including the honeymoon. Because of increasing costs, more and more couples are looking to plan a smaller, more intimate ceremony. While there&rsquo... More >>

Backyard bounty: Vegetables are nature's original nutritional powerhouses
(BPT) - You’ve probably heard the chatter around how a handful of unusual foods are must-eat nutritional powerhouses — and wondered how you’ll ever get your kids to try kale or chia seeds. But you don’t have to stress over how to incorporate the latest health food fads into ... More >>

Color commentary [Infographic]
(BPT) - In March, anything can happen. Dynasties fall. Cinderellas are crowned. It makes us all wonder, is there something greater at play that decides winners and losers? LG crunched the numbers and discovered that color just might be the best predictor of the unpredictable.... More >>

Local farmers help hungry neighbors in rural America
(BPT) - For farming communities around the country, spring brings not only sunshine and blooms, it means it's planting season. Farmers are already working hard and planning ahead to ensure a bountiful harvest in the fall. Spring is also a time for renewed hope and the anticipation of the abundance ... More >>

America proves it's always 'crunch time' [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... More >>

Let's celebrate soy
(BPT) - With nearly every aisle in the grocery store featuring products made from soybeans, it’s no wonder we dedicate a whole month each year to celebrating soy foods. Even so, most Americans still associate soy with the sauce that makes their rice, meats and vegetables more flavorful. Of th... More >>

Meat is the yin to plants' yang [Infographic]
(BPT) - What should we eat for optimal health? That's a question that man has sought to answer for centuries. For so long, diet was determined by availability, but today in North America, most people have access to a wide variety of foods at some of the most affordable prices in the world. The ques... More >>

Let's get #FlockingHappy about hen welfare [Infographic]
(BPT) - It’s time to give a flock about hen welfare! The egg aisle is filled with a myriad of confusing labels and it’s important to know not all eggs come from hens that are treated equally. In fact, 85 percent of U.S. eggs come from hens that live their entire lives in a cage. Without... More >>

Making a healthy change for you, your community and the environment
(BPT) - Just because New Year’s Day has come and gone, your chance for making a change for the better hasn’t. Whether looking to give a boost to your health, your fellow man or even the environment, there’s no deadline on picking up positive habits.Make easy nutritional choicesIf ... More >>

5 ways to open a world of flavors in a small space
(BPT) - If a big part of your weekend is dedicated to experimenting with recipes and combining ingredients to create new flavors, you just might be a foodie. If you have a checklist of restaurants you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t had a chance to because you’ve been busy eati... More >>

Food for Thought: Cooking for Your Heart
(BPT) - Nearly one-third of adults have high LDL-cholesterol levels, which is also known as bad cholesterol, a key risk factor for heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, unfortunately, about 70 percent of adults with high LDL-cholesterol don’t have th... More >>

One simple ingredient for a better-for-you breakfast
(BPT) - If you think of oatmeal as part of your average, boring breakfast, it’s time to think again. As a morning staple, oatmeal gives you the get-up-and go you need to start the day.The demand for non-GMO products continues to rise as people become aware of the benefits and desire tran... More >>

5 better-for-you ways to host your next brunch or dinner
(BPT) - It may be time to take a fresh approach to your sunny brunches and breezy dinners. Who wouldn’t want to step up their hosting game?During a season of celebration, temptations can preoccupy you, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in. These tips will help you plan a spring gat... More >>

5 delicious recipes to help make a better lunch
(BPT) - Bringing your lunch to work is a great way to fuel up on major flavor, save money and maybe even eat a little healthier! Deep down, you know the truth - bringing lunch from home is often way better than any fast food chain.With Reynolds new disposable heat & eat containers, and these five m... More >>

10 expert health tips that simplify holistic living
(BPT) - Diet fads, new workout regimens, exotic health supplements — every day, people are inundated with headlines about health trends. Out of the clutter and confusion a new, arguably more sensible, health movement is gaining traction: holistic living.Taking a holistic health approach means... More >>

5 easy ways to create the perfect, cozy movie night at home
(BPT) - A cozy movie night at home is a fool-proof way to warm up and shake off the winter blues, but not every movie night is created equal. Preparing for a cozy movie marathon or for a binge-watching session is the key to successful night in, and that means choosing the perfect foods to pair with... More >>

From modest to magnificent: Create an entertainment space for any home
(BPT) - Entertaining at home? Whatever you’re planning — big bash or intimate soirée, cheery beer fest or elegant wine tasting — an inviting and accessible built-in bar featuring handsome hardwood cabinetry can help transform mundane household space into the life of the par... More >>

10 simple recipes featuring today's most powerful superfoods
(BPT) - Mindful eating is the foundation of the journey to health and wellness, but too often people think that means nibbling on bland and boring foods. Wellness expert and culinary nutritionist Katie Cavuto believes eating well should be a joyful experience that nourishes the body and the mind. I... More >>

Bring Out The Gentleman
(BPT) - The Gentleman’s Collection by Lindeman’s presents: a guide to chivalry and integrity in the modern era. ... More >>

5 unbelievably yummy, better-for-you breakfast ideas
(BPT) - Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it can often be the one that's hardest to fit into busy schedules. Even if you have time for breakfast, you may find yourself trading wholesomeness and quality for speed and convenience. However, having better-for-you breakfasts need ... More >>

Predictions for the top flavor trends in 2016
(BPT) - Sweet and savory. Hot and spicy. Earthy and aromatic. As the foodie movement grows rapidly, distinctive new flavors continue to emerge everywhere, from popular grocery store snacks to menu items at restaurants across the country.Spend just a few minutes in a snack food aisle and you’l... More >>

5 easy ways for modern couples to take date night to the next level
(BPT) - Romance is much more than a simple card on Valentine’s Day. Amid the hectic schedules and chaos of everyday life, romantics across the country are looking for ways to spice up that intimate evening with someone special. Since crowded restaurants and cold temperatures are a sure-fire w... More >>

Fishing for a healthy meal? Seafood is a smart choice
(BPT) - When it comes to mealtime, are you thinking fish? You should! Fish is the premiere natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are not naturally produced by the body and, therefore, must come from food. If you’re an expecting or breastfeeding mom, it’s even more important to ea... More >>

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