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home : life : community November 24, 2015

Recognizing the first steps to ward off a second seizure
(BPT) - Seizure. You’ve heard the word before, but do you know what it means or why a seizure occurs? Seizures are caused when there is abnormal activity in the brain. Brain cells called neurons use electrical energy to convey messages to one another, and when this electricity goes awry, a se... More >>

5 reasons people choose to walk to end diabetes
(BPT) - Nearly 30 million Americans are affected with diabetes and, if trends continue, one in five Americans are projected to have diabetes by 2050, according to the American Diabetes Association. However, thousands of people around the country are deciding to act and take change into their own ha... More >>

What it will take to double pancreatic cancer survival by 2020
(BPT) - For Diane Borrison, it started with her eyes. They had suddenly taken on a yellowish hue. It didn’t take her long to realize her skin had followed suit. Borrison knew right away there must be something wrong, and she scheduled an appointment with her doctor immediately.The diagnosis w... More >>

More than a million Americans are unaware they are infected with a potentially life-threatening virus
(BPT) - After receiving blood transfusions in 1979 during the birth of her last child, Mary Lambert, a human resources professional and former teacher, thought her health ordeal was over. Little did she know that, due to those transfusions, she had become infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV).I... More >>

Make a difference this summer: How to get involved in your community
(BPT) - Each summer there are countless ways to get involved in your community, whether you’re passionate about animal rescue or cleaning up the environment. Service not only helps build a deepened sense of community, but it also unites families and friends together for a joint cause. With su... More >>

Create your own personal pension? It's possible
(BPT) - Retirement planning has certainly changed a lot over the years, hasn’t it? First came pensions, or defined benefit plans, with their guaranteed income for life. After that it was 401(k)s. These plans focused on growing wealth from the stock and bond markets. Your pension and 401(k) we... More >>

Community campaign to promote sportsmanship could earn youth sports teams $2,500
(BPT) - As fall arrives and kids return to school, both parents and young athletes will also be preparing for a busy schedule of youth sports. At such a time, it’s worth revisiting a touching story from a youth hockey game last year that gained attention on social media. In this particular ga... More >>

Ways to celebrate, remember Native culture
(BPT) - November marks the recognition of American Indian Heritage month, a time to reflect on the vibrant tribes and cultures that first inhabited our nation. With 567 federally recognized Indian tribes, reservations and pueblos across more than 30 states in the United States, the cultural im... More >>

Green your space this fall
(BPT) - Fall signals the end of summer and the beginning of vibrantly colored leaves on the ground, pumpkin patches and refreshingly cooler temperatures. Early fall is also the perfect time of year to complete home improvement projects — the weather is mild, and you can clear your home of clu... More >>

How businesses can help injured workers recover faster
(BPT) - More than one million Americans suffer from work-related injuries each year, ranging from serious crushing injuries at a construction site to muscle or joint problems caused by repetitive activities in an office setting.Workplace injuries can also be costly to both the person injured and th... More >>

Embrace the holiday spirit and fight hunger in your hometown
(BPT) - Imagine helping feed 500 people in order to fight hunger in your hometown. Jill Chandler of Fayette, Missouri, does this twice every month. Her efforts through the Fayette Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry help feed approximately one-sixth of the city’s 3,000 population. In this rural ... More >>

New moms face new challenges: tips to prioritize your wellness
(BPT) - The smiles, the soft coos and yes, even that now all-too-familiar cry – it’s only been a few months but already you can’t picture life without your little one. You’re constantly focused on their every movement and will do anything to make sure they have what they nee... More >>

5 ways people with diabetes can prepare to travel anywhere
(BPT) - For people all across the country, this is peak travel season. The weather is beautiful and there’s still room to squeeze one or two more trips in before cooler weather. Don’t let managing diabetes stop you from making a plan and taking a trip!Diabetes shouldn’t be a barri... More >>

Create a new tradition with family and friends: 5 ways to give back this holiday season
(BPT) - The holiday season is about spending time with family and friends, giving and receiving gifts, while also appreciating the things you already have. As the end of the year approaches and the holidays are upon us, create a new tradition helping others. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you ca... More >>

5 things parents need to know about HPV
(BPT) - Being a parent means looking out for your kids. When they were small it meant making sure they wore a helmet, crossed the street carefully and wore sunscreen. As they get older, the health challenges they face change. As they become adolescents, you can’t always be with them, so you w... More >>

Teachers: the resource students need most remains in short supply
(BPT) - The role of teachers in today’s society cannot be understated. Outside of a child’s parents, teachers are often the primary adult influencers in a young person’s life. Yet this essential role is getting harder and harder to fill as school districts across the nation face s... More >>

Nine in ten cardiovascular doctors support vascular screening for people with risk factors
(BPT) - Nine out of ten cardiovascular doctors support preventive health screenings for cardiovascular disease (plaque in the arteries) among patients with key risk factors. Examples of key risk factors may include being age 55 or over, family history, tobacco use, and high blood pressure. This res... More >>

What are you doing to find relief from chronic pain?
(BPT) - Every day in this country, millions of people suffer from chronic pain and are desperate to find relief. For many, the road to managing chronic pain can be complex and can include prescription medications, over-the-counter products, lifestyle modifications and physical therapy. But when tho... More >>

5 ways to support your student and your school this year
(BPT) - It’s back to school season again. Time for schoolwork and sports, plays and parties, friends and field trips. For students, parents and teachers, this is an exciting time of year. Yet for teachers, the start of a new year can also be unnecessarily expensive. Research shows that each y... More >>

6 easy ways to incorporate Fair Trade into your life
(BPT) - You’ve most likely seen the Fair Trade Certified label on your morning coffee or tea, but do you know what it really means? Fair Trade goods are really just that, fair. When you place a Fair Trade product in your shopping cart, you know that it came from farmers who were justly compen... More >>

7 ways to share a meal and fight child hunger this holiday season
(BPT) - The holidays are a time when children should be singing, decorating and celebrating with family, not worrying about where they’ll get their next meal. Yet one in five kids in America face hunger every day. Fortunately, there are many simple ways you can make a big difference.From pack... More >>

5 easy ways to reduce food waste in your daily life
(BPT) - “What’s for dinner?”For many, the question is uttered nearly every evening, and the answer is easy.But for 795 million people in the world — those who don’t have a reliable meal to look forward to according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United... More >>

5 tips to stop bullying and build relationships
(BPT) - There are few parents who don’t occasionally worry about whether or not their child is being bullied at school. In recent years, the issue has gained national attention, and efforts to educate students, parents and teachers on how to stop bullying have made a big impact, but the probl... More >>

Veterans: Are you missing out on key benefits?
(BPT) - There are currently 19.6 million veterans in the United States. These hard working men and women have access to a variety of programs and benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs during active duty and retirement — yet many are not taking full advantage. Why?One reason... More >>

Meaningful, efficient ways to give back this holiday season
(BPT) - Americans donate billions of dollars and millions of hours of their time to charity every year — and much of that generosity occurs during the holidays.Here are some ideas for meaningful ways to give back during the hustle and bustle of this holiday season – that won’t wre... More >>

Is financial fear making it difficult for you to give?
(BPT) - What do you do to give back? Do you volunteer your time, your skills or your knowledge? Do you pride yourself on being a generous person?Generosity has always been seen as a positive virtue, and new research from Thrivent Financial shows Americans are placing more emphasis on being generous... More >>

7 tips to avoid lottery scams
(BPT) - You think this is the happiest day of your life. Before you is a letter, email or text message informing you that you’ve just won the lottery. You might even receive a check with the letter stating it is part of your winnings. The communication states all you have to do is pay the pr... More >>

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